Family Business Membership - Conway Center for Family Business

Conway Center Members Represent Diverse Industries, Sizes

Conway Center members range in size from those with fewer than 5 employees serving Central Ohio to those with thousands of employees and relationships around the world.

Every Conway Center member has access to valuable family business resources that can only be found through the Center and professionals experienced in assisting family-owned businesses.

The Center offers two types of memberships: Memberships for businesses with two or more family members maintaining ownership control of the business; and Service Provider Membership for firms or individuals with expertise in serving family businesses.

How the Conway Center Helps Members

Family businesses with one or more of the following goals will benefit from membership with the Center.

  • Wants to solve business and family business problems
  • Expects to be successful and profitable
  • Desires to grow their family business
  • Intends for the family to retain ownership of the business
  • Interested in building a legacy for future generations
  • Desires to plan for the future
  • Open to considering new ideas
  • Committed to developing a succession plan
  • Willing to devote time to address business challenges and family issues
  • Benefits from networking with other family business leaders
  • Interested in selling the family-owned business


  • Membership is open to Central Ohio Family Businesses employing two or more members of the same family.


  • Free admittance for all members of your family business to nine educational programs each year.
  • Eligibility to participate in Peer Groups.
  • Ability to interact on a regular basis with other members of Central Ohio family-owned businesses and knowledgeable service providers.
  • Subscription to semi-annual print newsletter called the Family Business Communicator.
  • Monthly e-mail updates about events sponsored by the Conway Center for Family Business and advice and information of interest to family business leaders.
  • Opportunity to invite guests to programs in order to introduce them to the Center.
  • Invitation to attend, at no cost, the Annual Family Business Tour and Networking Event.
  • An invitation to attend our Annual Family Awards Program and Expo.
  • Opportunity to participate in Annual Golf Open
  • Access to professionals experienced in working with family businesses.


  • Under 10 full-time employees – $385 per year
  • 10-75 full-time employees – $560 per year
  • 76+ full-time employees – $710 per year
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