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Additional Resources

The Conway Center for Family Business offers educational programming for its members, as well as other resources such as information, ideas, and planning help.

Following are links to resources that may provide additional information for family business leaders. Scroll down for informative white papers and other interesting research papers.

Columbus 2020
Columbus 2020 is a public-private partnership that is working to grow Central Ohio's economy by ensuring that existing companies are thriving, that the world's leading companies are attracted to the region, and that innovations are cultivated and commercialized. The partnership includes economic development allies called the Mid-Ohio Development Exchange (MODE), which is comprised of municipalities, counties, and other public sector organizations.

Family Firm Institute
The Family Firm Institute is a global resource for intelligence, education, and professional development of the family business and family wealth fields. It serves as a think tank for the sharing of skills and knowledge, facilitates essential connections both domestically and cross-culturally, and provides vital interdisciplinary education for the advisors, consultants, educators and researchers dedicated to advancing the family enterprise.

Family Business Magazine
Family Business is the only magazine dedicated to serving thriving, multi-generational North American family companies. Family Business reaches more than 6,800 committed family company owners, leaders and shareholders, and is run by a family company for family companies.

Family Business Wiki
"Sharing family business knowledge around the world" -- creating a publicly available resource for family businesses.

Family Enterprise USA
Family Enterprise USA (FEUSA) is an independent, national non-profit membership organization whose primary purpose is to increase the public's knowledge and awareness of the positive contributions made by the nation's largest business sector - family enterprises. The business-owning families across the U.S. who employ millions of workers provide an immeasurable benefit to our economy and society.

Small Business Administration
The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

White Papers and Research Studies on Family Business

PwC 2016 Family Business Survey
The survey highlights the significant contribution family businesses bring to economies and communities around the world.

Challenges and Opportunities in an Economic Crisis
This study by the Family Firm Institute takes on one of family businesses' toughest challenge - dealing with a difficult economy.

Family Business Consulting
This paper compares expert advisers with process consultants to help family businesses make smart decisions about when and what type of outside consultants to engage.

The Five Attributes of Enduring Family Businesses
The keys to long-term success are professional management and keeping the family committed to and capable of carrying on as the owner.

Family Business Governance: How Leading Families Manage the Challenges of Wealth
Effective governance empowers leaders of family businesses to make the most of the unique strength of a family enterprise: synergy between a strong, unified owning family and a well-run family enterprise or family office.

If you have additional suggestions for links or research about family business to share, please Contact Us.

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