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Thank you for being a part of the Conway Center.  We appreciate your support and welcome your participation!  A convenience fee of 2.0 % is included in the price for online payment. You may avoid these fees by sending a check made payable to the Conway Center for Family Business.  Please refer to your invoice or event page for pricing and mail payment to PO Box 361106, Columbus, OH 43236.


Family Business Membership

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Family Business Membership Options

Service Provider Membership - $4,500 per year per company.

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Peer Group Fees

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Peer Group Fees

Education Programs (fee for non-members) - $35

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Family Business Awards & Expo

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Awards Program

Expo Table Selection

Golf Outing

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Registration Type

Golf Outing - Mulligans

Golf Outing - Sponsorship Opportunities

Golf Outing – Buy the Pro’s Shot ($20 ea, limit 1/TEAM)


Please use this button for various other payments that are not Donations, Events, or Membership related.

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