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2020 Virtual Family Business Awards

    We are offering members and service providers the opportunity to showcase their family business during ‘Member Moments’ segments throughout the Virtual Family Business Awards. For only $75, participants will submit a 5-15 second “selfie” video on behalf of their business sharing something they’ve learned from involvement with the Center. ‘Member Moments’ segments are limited, so click to reserve your spot!
    Digital or mailed programs will be sent to all registrants of the 2020 Virtual Family Business Awards. This is a great opportunity to offer your congratulations and support for our local family business community. Program ads will be sold in 3 sizes (1/8 page, 1/4 page, or 1/2 page), so you can choose which best fits your budget this year.
    Since the Awards event is our largest fundraiser of the year, we are asking for donations in lieu of luncheon tickets. Normally, your ticket to the Awards is $75 and it is $300 to purchase a booth at our Family Business Expo. Today, we are letting you choose how much, if any, you’d like to donate to help us continue to provide relevant and meaningful programming to the family business community the Center serves.
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Family Business Membership

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Family Business Membership Options

Service Provider Membership - $3,500 per year per company.

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Peer Group Fees

Education Programs (fee for non-members) - $35

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