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Family Business Award Winner History

Winners through the Years

The definition of success is to achieve, advance, thrive, prosper or grow. These family businesses were recognized for significant accomplishments and represent many of Central Ohio’s finest family-owned businesses.

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Family Business of the Year
West Ohio Tool Co.

Lifetime Achievement
David Schoedinger, Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service

Community Engagement
Anthony-Thomas Candy Company

Conway Center Champion
The Conway Family

Next Gen Leader
Alice Martin, Martin Painting & Coating

Rising Star
Julie Niziurski, PATH

Succession Planning
Smoot Construction Company

Milestone Honorees/Years in Business:

5 years - Driven to Succeed LLC
15 years - Champion Pest & Termite Control
20 years - Crimson Design Group
20 years - Environmental Pest Management
20 years - ZSG
25 years - Driscoll Learning
25 years - EasyIT
25 years - King Business Interiors, Inc.
25 years - Robintek
30 years - Integrated Building Systems
30 years - Two Men And A Truck
35 years - Columbus Micro Systems
40 years - Ohio Power Tool
45 years - Barney Corporation, Inc
50 years - MAC Construction Inc.
50 years - Resource International, Inc.
55 years - Acloché LLC
55 years - Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
60 years - Donatos
60 years - ms consultants
70 years - Gummer Wholesale Inc.
70 years - Happy Chicken Farms
70 years - Martin Painting and Coating
70 years - Ricart Automotive
85 years - The Robert Weiler Company
95 years - GAD Insurance
100 years - Jones Metal Products Company
100 years - Kimball Midwest

The Family Business Awards Program is made possible through the generous support of First Merchants, Gryphon Financial Partners, Taft/, Meaden & Moore, Porter Wright, and Columbus CEO.


Family Business of the Year
Equity, LLC

Lifetime Achievement
Joe Zanetos, Anthony-Thomas Candy Company

Next Gen Leader
Jessica Anderson, Anderson Concrete

Rising Star
Nick Trifelos, Anthony-Thomas Candy Company

Succession Planning
Small – Connolly Companies
Medium – Modlich Monument Company
Large - Marker, Inc.

Supporter of Family Business
C&A Benefits Company
W3 Wealth Management

Milestone Awards:
10 years - CloudCover LLC
10 years - Outreach Promotional Solutions
15 years - Therapy Advantage
20 years - Cherry Ridge Retreat
20 years - PMG Employment Consultants
20 years - Jorgensen Farms
20 years - GO-HR
25 years - QuickStitch Plus
30 years - Kaiser Consulting
30 years - Safex Inc.
35 years - Equity, LLC
40 years - King Insurance Advisors
45 years - Heiberger Paving, Inc.
50 years - Grote Company
50 years - McGohan Brabender
50 years - Magnetic Springs Water Company
50 years - TriAd Marketing and Media
55 years - Insurance Agency of Ohio
60 years - 2-J Supply Co.
65 years - Southeastern Equipment Co.
70 years - Anthony Thomas Candy Co.
70 years - Baesman Group
75 years - Connolly Companies
75 years - Crane Group
100 years - Skilken Gold Real Estate Development
100 years - R.N. Smith Heating and Cooling

The Family Business Awards Program is made possible through the generous support of First Merchants, Gryphon Financial Partners, Taft/, Columbus CEO, and Porter Wright.


Family Business of the Year
Anderson Concrete

Lifetime Achievement
Mark Swepston, Atlas Butler

Community Engagement
Integrated Building Systems
Marker, Inc.

Oakland Nurseries

Rising Star
Katharine McConnell, Comfort Keepers

Gratitude & Legacy
Jim Conway
Dan Dick
Richard Emens

Succession Planning
ms consultants

Support of Family Business
Jon Eesley, Windsor Advisory Group

Milestone Awards:
10 years – Overmyer Hall Associates
15 years – Proforma Strategic Promotions
20 years – MDSolutions Inc.
20 years – Integrated Leadership Systems
20 years – Hometown Service Center
25 years – Sullivan Solutions LLC
30 years – Regal Beverage Concepts
30 years – 5 Star Staffing
40 years – The Siekmann Company
40 years – Corrotec Inc.
50 years – ODW Logistics, Inc.
50 years – Lincoln Construction
60 years – Englefield, Inc.
65 years – The Gordon Flesch Company
65 years – Marker, Inc.
75 years – Mid-State Bolt & Nut Co., Inc.
75 years – Highlights for Children
75 years – Fortin Ironworks
85 years – Modlich Monument Company
100 years – Accelerated Laboratory Logistics
100 years – Anderson Concrete
100 years – Atlas Butler
100 years – White Castle
100 years – Accelerated Laboratory Logistics
110 years – Columbus Sign Company
110 years – George J. Igel & Co., Inc.
110 years – Heartland Bank
135 years – Schmidt's Sausage Haus

The Family Business Awards Program is made possible through the generous support of Columbus CEO, First Merchants, Gryphon Financial Partners, Morgan Stanley, Rider + Reinke Financial Group, and Taft/.

2020 (Virtual)

Family Business of the Year
The Malhame Family of Northstar Café, Brassica, and Third & Hollywood

Lifetime Achievement
Jim Grote, Donatos

Community Engagement

Next Gen
Chelsea King, King Business Interiors

Outreach Promotional Solutions

Rising Star
Meaghan McCurdy, Kimball Midwest

Succession Planning
The Wathen Family, Equity Inc.

Support of Family Business

Milestone Awards:
  5 years - Sandler Training by Sharper Edge Advantage
10 years - The Champion Companies
15 years - Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies
20 years - Total Technology Solutions, Inc.
20 years - Yesteryear Acres
25 years - Classic Plumbing, Inc.
25 years - Prism Marketing
25 years - Royal Document Destruction
35 years - Al’s Delicious Popcorn
50 years - Dublin Building Systems, Co., Inc.
60 years - Converse Electric
60 years - Mid-City Electric Co.
65 years - Soller Insurance Agency, Inc.
70 years - Johnson’s Real Ice Cream
80 years - Oakland Nursery, Inc.
160 years - Wilson Bohannan Lock Company
165 years - Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service

The Family Business Awards Program is made possible through the generous support of Columbus Business First, First Merchants Bank, Gryphon Financial Partners, Ricart Automotive, and Taft/.


Family Business of the Year
Sutphen Corp.

Lifetime Achievement
Howard Smith, Wilson Bohannan Lock Company

Community Engagement
Outreach Promotional Solutions

Next Gen
Chris Ahlum, Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation

Watkins Printing Company

Rising Star
Andy Wasserstrom, Advance Sign Group

Succession Planning
Johnson’s Real Ice Cream – Small Sized Company
Gordon Flesch Company – Large Sized Company

Milestone Awards:
10 years – C&A Benefits Group
20 years – Choice Property Resources
25 years – Advance Sign Group
25 years – Eclipse Corp
30 years – Jendco Safety Supply Inc,
30 years – IGS
35 years – Flood Heliarc
35 years – Air Force One
35 years – PATH
40 years – Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies
40 years – Warman Productions
40 years – Cashmans Horse Equipment
40 years – Suburban Steel Supply Co. LLC
50 years – Charles Penzone Incorporated
65 years – DaNite Sign Company
70 years – Kirk Williams Co.
100 years – Harrop Industries
100 years – Lynd Fruit Farm
100 years – The Fred D. Pfening Company
115 years – Stolly Insurance

The Family Business Awards Program is made possible through the generous support of Dispatch Media Group, First Merchants Bank, Gryphon Financial Partners, Ricart Automotive, Rider + Reinke Financial Group, and Taft/.


Family Business of the Year
Kimball Midwest

Lifetime Achievement
Dr. John Swartz, Lake Shore Cryotronics

Community Engagement Winner
Happy Chicken Farms

Special President's Award for Community Engagement
Angela An

Re-Invention Winner
Anderson Aluminum

Succession Planning Winners

  • Skilken Gold Real Estate Development - Under 50 employees
  • Two Men and a Truck Columbus - Over 50 employees

Milestone Awards:

  • 95 years: Kimball Midwest
  • 65 years: Ricart Automotive
  • 65 years: Martin Painting & Coating
  • 60 years: Crestview Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing
  • 55 years: Donatos Pizza
  • 50 Years: Acloche
  • 50 Years: Insurance Agencies of Ohio
  • 50 Years: Lake Shore Cryotronics
  • 40 years: Miles-McClellan Construction Company
  • 40 Years in Central Ohio: Gordon Flesch
  • 35 Years: Ohio Power Tool
  • 30 Years: Shaffer Entertainment
  • 30 Years: Spartan Logistics
  • 25 Years: Integrated Building Systems
  • 25 Years: Two Men and a Truck Columbus
  • 25 Years in Central Ohio: Hylant
  • 15 Years: Environmental Pest Management
  • 1 millionth ticket - Easy IT

Rising Star/Next Gen

Thor Hess - Southeastern Equipment Company

Kimmi Wernli - Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Company

Support of Family Business
Rick Miller Communications
Warman Productions


Family Business of the Year
Ricart Automotive

Lifetime Achievement
F.W. "Bill" Englefield III, Englefield Oil & The Duchess Shoppes

Community Engagement Winner
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Re-Invention Winner
Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

Succession Planning Winners

  • Lee Farms - Small Sized Company
  • Advance Sign Group - Medium Sized Company
  • Kimball Midwest - Large Sized Company

Milestone Awards:

  • 100 Years: George F. Neff & Company
  • 70 Years: Stanley Steemer
  • 65 Years: Anthony-Thomas Candy Co.
  • 60 Years: Southeastern Equipment Co., Inc.
  • 55 Years: 2-J HVAC Supply, Inc.
  • 50 Years: Artina Promotional Products
  • 50 Years: Jay-Car Construction Company, Inc.
  • 50 Years: Straub Dance Center
  • 45 Years: McGohan Brabender
  • 45 Years: TriAd Marketing and Media
  • 40 Years: Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation
  • 40 Years: Flyer's Pizza
  • 40 Years: Heiberger Paving, Inc.
  • 40 Years: Jet Container
  • 30 Years: Burton Metal Finishing, Inc., & Powder Coating
  • 30 Years: Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls
  • 30 Years: The Basement Doctor
  • 25 Years: Capital-Plus, Inc.
  • 25 Years: Kaiser Consulting
  • 25 Years: Safex
  • 20 Years: 5 Seasons Landscape Management
  • 20 Years: Easy IT
  • 20 Years: QuickStitch Plus
  • 20 Years: RobinTek
  • 15 Years: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
  • 15 Years: PMG Employment Consultants
  • 10 Years: A Player Advantage
  • 10 Years: Hina Environmental Solutions
  • 5 Years: CloudCover, LLC
  • 5 Years: Outreach Promotional Solutions


Family Business of the Year
Highlights for Children

Lifetime Achievement
Chris Bouzounis, Founder, Artina Promotional Products

Community Engagement

  • Champion Real Estate Services
  • EasyIT - category winner
  • Outreach Promotional Solutions

Milestone Achievements

  • 5 years: geoAmps
  • 5 years: Overmyer Hall Associates
  • 10 years: Dupler Office
  • 15 years: MDSolutions, Inc.
  • 15 years: Proforma Graphic Impressions 2
  • 15 years: Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio
  • 25 years: 5-Star Staffing
  • 25 years: Regal Beverage Concepts, Inc.
  • 35 years: UNIGLOBE Travel Designers
  • 40 years: Capital Resin Corporation
  • 45 years: Lincoln Construction
  • 45 years: VARGO Companies
  • 50 years: Buckeye Boxes, Inc.
  • 50 years: Robin Enterprises Co.
  • 60 years: Thomas & Marker Construction
  • 70 years: Highlights for Children, Inc.
  • 70 years: Luebbe Hearing Services
  • 70 years: Mid-State Bolt & Nut Co., Inc.
  • 80 years: Modlich Monument Company. Inc.
  • 90 years: Casto Management Services, Inc.
  • 95 years: White Castle System, Inc.
  • 105 years: Columbus Sign Company
  • 105 years:Heartland Bank
  • 130 years: Schmidt's Restaurant und Sausage Haus


  • Accel Inc. - category winner
  • Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies
  • geoAmps

Succession Planning & Implementation

  • Grossman Law Office
  • Heiberger Paving - category winner
  • Jendco Safety Supply

Support of Family Business

  • Adept Marketing
  • Holbrook & Manter, CPAs
  • Scott Rider, Rider + Reinke Financial Group - category winner


Family Business of the Year
Donatos Pizza

Lifetime Achievement

Lewis R. Smoot, Sr., The Smoot Corporation

CASTO Management Services, Inc.

Kimball Midwest

Community Engagement
Champion Real Estate Services
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
White Castle System, Inc.

Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC

Milestone Achievements
Named to Pizza Today Top 10: Flyers Pizza & Subs
Select Registry Stafford Smith Award: Ellen Grinsfelder, Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls
5 years: Champion Real Estate Services
10 years: CMax Advisors
20 years: PRISM Marketing, Royal Document Destruction, and Sequent
25 years: RICOP Construction Co.
30 years: Capitol Citicom, Inc. and Grove City Tree Service, LLC
35 years: Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies
50 years: Anomatic Corporation, G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc., and Krieger Ford
65 years: The Strait & Lamp Group
70 years: Florentine Restaurant, Inc
75 years: Oakland Nurseries, Inc.
80 years: Spirit Services Company
100 years: Reitter Stucco and Supply Co., Inc.
110 years: Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service
125 years: Sutphen
160 years: Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service

Burton Metal Finishing, Inc. & Powder Coating
Spirit Services Company
UNIGLOBE Travel Designers

Succession Planning/Implementation
Dublin Cleaners & New Albany Cleaners
Ohio Power Tool


Family Business of the Year
Velvet Ice Cream

Lifetime Achievement
Farah Majidzadeh, Resource International, Inc.

Champion Real Estate Services
Integrated Leadership Systems, LLC*

Community Engagement
ms consultants, inc.*
Luebbe Hearing Services
Safex, Inc.*
Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties

Milestone Achievements
timeless skin solutions, 10 year anniversary
Advance Sign Group, 15 year anniversary
EclipseCorp, 20 year anniversary
Jendco Safety Supply, Inc., 25 year anniversary
IGS Energy, 25 year anniversary
Air Force One, 30 year anniversary
Katzinger's Delicatessen, 30 year anniversary
Cashmans Horse Equipment, 35 year anniversary
Rotolo's Pizza, 40 year anniversary
DaNite Sign Co., 40 year anniversary
Kirk Williams Company, 65 year anniversary
Dublin Cleaners and New Albany Cleaners, 80 year anniversary

ABC Home Services*
CASTO Management Services
Rinkov Eyecare Centers

Succession Planning/Implementation
Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service, Inc.
Miles-McClellan Construction Co., Inc.*
Sound Communications, Inc.

Support of Family Businesses
Johnson Investment Counsel

Director's Award
Darci Congrove, GBQ Partners

*Denotes category winner


Family Business of the Year
White Castle System, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement
Joseph C. Dager, Velvet Ice Cream, Inc.

White Castle System, Inc.*
Highlights for Children
Laser Reproductions

Community Engagement
IGS Energy*
Accel, inc.
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
Rumpke Waste & Recycling

Milestone Achievements
The Columbus Coal and Lime Co.- 125 year anniversary
Kimball Midwest - 80 year anniversary
Gummer Wholesale - 60 year anniversary
Happy Chicken Farms - 60 year anniversary
Donatos Pizza - 50 year anniversary
Mid-Ohio Development Corporation - 50 year anniversary
ms consultants, inc. - 50 year anniversary
Ohio Power Tool - 30 year anniversary
Integrated Building Systems - 20 year anniversary
Two Men and a Truck - 20 year anniversary

Fortner Upholstering, Inc.*
Miles-McClellan Construction

Succession Planning/Implementation
Golf Car Company LLC*
Highlights for Children*
Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service*

Outstanding Support of Family Businesses and the Conway Center:
James R. Conway and Family
Karen Hockstad, Dinsmore & Shohl
Lynda Huey, Ohio Dominican University
Thaddeus O'Brien, O'Brien & Associates
Scott Rider, Rider + Reinke Financial Group
Geraldine Dixon Speer, Corporate Interior Concepts

Support of Family Businesses
Accelerated Benefits
Everhart Advisors

*Denotes category winner


Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation

Community Engagement
Team Buckeye: Nissan-Honda-Toyota
Donatos Pizza
White Castle System, Inc.

Milestone Achievements
A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson - 100 year anniversary
Anthony-Thomas Candy Company - 60 year anniversary
TriAd Marketing & Media - 40 year anniversary
Gioffre Companies, Inc. - 35 year anniversary

Dublin Cleaners
Three-C Body Shops, Inc.

Succession Planning
Dublin Building Systems
Katzinger's Delicatessen LLC
Lincoln Construction
Ricart Automotive, Inc.

Mary Lynn Foster - Charles Penzone Salons
The Joseph Group


Highlights for Children, Inc.

Community Engagement:
Ohio Support Services
The Charles Penzone Salons

Donatos Pizza
Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls
Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc.

Succession Planning:
Martin Carpet Cleaning Company
Rhoads Farm Market and Garden Center
Stanley Steamer International, Inc.

Outstanding Support of the Conway Center for Family Business:
Becky Blatt
Ohio Dominican University

Milestone Achievements:
Lindey's Restaurant - 30 year anniversary
Uniglobe Travel Designers, Inc. - 30 year anniversary
Courtesy Ambulance Inc. - 40 year anniversary
Lincoln Construction - 40 year anniversary
The Ohio Exterminating Company - 75 year anniversary
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling - 90 year anniversary
White Castle System, Inc. - 90 year anniversary
Columbus Sign Company - 100 year anniversary
George J. Igel & Co., Inc. - 100 year anniversary
The Wilson Bohanan Lock Company - 150 year anniversary
Charles Penzone, The Charles Penzone Salons - Lifetime Achievement Award


Artina Promotional Products
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Ohio Power Tool
Rent-A-John Portable Sanitation

Community Engagement:
The Charles Penzone Salons
Donatos Pizza
Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service
White Castle System, Inc.

Eclipse Corporation
Gummer Wholesale
Robin Technologies
Sanese Services

Succession Planning:
Converse Electric
Edwards Steel
Spartan Logistics
Velvet Ice Cream

Outstanding Support of the Conway Center for Family Business:
James R. Conway and Family

Outstanding Service to the Conway Center for Family Business:
Norman Jones Enlow & Co.

Milestone Achievements:
Earman and Wood CPAs - 10 year anniversary
RICOP Construction - 20 year anniversary
Americheer - 25 year anniversary
Ohio Custodial Management Corp. - 30 year anniversary
Carmen's Distribution Systems - 40 year anniversary
Dublin Building Systems - 40 year anniversary
Capitol Tunneling - 50 year anniversary
Converse Electric - 50 year anniversary
Mid-City Electric - 50 year anniversary
Sutphen Corporation - 120 year anniversary



Community Engagement:
A.D. Farrow Co. Harley Davidson
The Charles Penzone Salons
R.W. Setterlin Building Company

EHC Incorporated
Golf Car Company
Sanese Services

Succession Planning:
Columbus Sign
McKee Door Sales
Weisheimer's Sales and Service

Support of Family Business:
James R. Conway and Family
Dublin Cleaners
Optimum Print Solutions

Milestone Achievements:
Corporate Interior Concepts - 10 year anniversary
Mid-Ohio Strategic Technologies - 30 year anniversary
The Charles Penzone Salons- 40 year anniversary
Fortner Upholstering, Inc. - 80 year anniversary


Ohio Power Tool
Gummer Wholesale
George J. Igel & Co., Inc.
Leo Alfred Jewelers
Demary Truck
Ricart Automotive
Capitol Tunneling


Mid Ohio Business Machines
Inn at Cedar Falls
Hill Distributing
McKee Door Sales
Ohio Exterminating
Baesman Printing
David Stanley & Associates
Buckeye Printing & Mailing
he Wallick Companies
The Robert Weiler Company


Twin Horizons Travel
Laser Reproductions
Columbus Showcase
More Time For You
Archer Meek Weiler
Donatos Pizza
Blue Chip Manufacturing and Sales
Courtesy Ambulance
Sanese Services
Converse Electric
Vargo Material Handling


Rent-A-John Portable Sanitation
Jet Container Company
White Castle
Charles Penzone
Harrs Auto Glass
Edwards Steel
The Robert Weiler Company
Laser Reproductions
Sanese Services
Kimball Midwest


Street Fighter Marketing
The Basement Guys
R.W. Setterlin Building Company
Earman and Wood Associates
Bob Webb
Anthony Thomas Candy Company
RTZ Manufacturing
Dublin Building Systems
Atlas Butler
Resource International


Artina Promotional Products
Miles McClellan Construction Co.
Heitmeyer Homes
Huffman's Tremont Market
Kimball Midwest
Lee's Catering and Vending
Jet Container Agency
Commodity Logistics
Roth Produce Company


Val-Pak of Central Ohio
Happy Chicken Farm
Velvet Ice Cream Company
Arena One, Inc.
Apex/M & P Construction
Parman Group
Corporate Interior Concepts
Archer Meek Weiler Insurance
Wallick Companies
WD Partners


Focus Logistic Solutions
Pro-Terra Environmental Contracting
Fishel Company
Reputation Management Associates
Apex/M & P Construction
Ricart Automotive
Luebbe Hearing Services, Inc.
Lorenz Equipment
Hopkins Printing
The Murphy Company


Executive Office Place
Buck and Sons Landscape Service
Highlights for Children
Stark and Associates
EVO Industries
Sanese Services
Marble Cliff Oil
Olsten Central Ohio
Focus Logistic Solutions
Apex Construction


Columbus Paper & Copy Supply Co.
Roger C. Perry and Company
Schoedinger Funeral Service
Gourmet Antiques, Inc
Tidd Funeral Home
American Church Builders Inc.
Dublin Building Systems Co.
Precision Printing of Columbus
Accel Inc.
Longaberger Company
Three C Body Shops Inc.

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