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Parking, Weather, & Non-Solicitation Policies

Parking on the ODU Campus

Most of our programs are held in the Community Room at Alumni Hall or Griffin Student Center on the campus of Ohio Dominican University. GPS will take you to the main campus area, so be sure to plug in 1215 Sunbury Road, 43219 so that you end up in the right place!  VIEW a map.

This PARKING PASS must be displayed in your windshield when attending Conway events. If you forget, no worries – we will have passes on-site. Also, know that as a Conway member or guest, you are never responsible for a parking ticket when attending our events so if you do receive one, just notify our COO, Amy Dotts at

Winter Weather Policy

If we ever must cancel an onsite educational program, peer group, or event due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, we will send an e-mail to all our members who are registered for that event.

In addition, all cancellations will be noted on our website calendar and event page. Please note: as our host site, if Ohio Dominican University cancels classes for any reason, we too, will cancel.

If you ever wake up and are uncertain whether we will be meeting, please check your email, turn on your radio or television for an ODU closure announcement, or look for an update on the event page before you head out the door. If there’s no announcement or no e-mail from us in your inbox, that means we’re waiting for you to join us!

Non-Solicitation Policy

Please note that the Conway Center for Family Business encourages relationship building and networking among our Family Business and Service Provider members. However, we prohibit overt solicitation in all forms to preserve the trust and privacy of our members.

At programs, all members and guests are strictly prohibited from soliciting, including handing out or seeking unsolicited business cards or brochures. When in doubt, don’t give it out (or ask for it)! Conway Center staff are always available on-site, so please seek them out if you have any questions about the business card policy.

Conway Center members are also prohibited from non-event solicitation, including verbal and written communication, direct mail, e-mail, and cold calls to solicit other family business members. In addition, both Service Provider members and Family Business members must obtain written permission from the Conway Center for Family Business to use our name or logo in any advertisement or written or electronic communication.

We hope to continue to inspire and encourage our family-owned business members to thrive and grow through the sharing of insight and deep connection. We ask that what you learn and hear at a program stays there and that any information learned about a competing business is not leveraged against them in the marketplace. Creating and maintaining a space free of solicitation and safe for all to participate and share freely is very important to us.

Thank you for your understanding.

See examples for further clarification of this policy.

Notice of Photography

When you attend a Conway Center event, you enter an area where photos and/or recordings of your likeness may be used in Conway Center marketing and promotional material, such as but not limited to, print, web, and social media.

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