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What is the focus of the Conway Center for Family Business?
The Conway Center for Family Business is Central Ohio's resource for family business growth and success. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded in 1998 to provide educational programs and resources to help family businesses continue to be profitable and successful, assist in transitioning businesses to future generations, and celebrate accomplishments of family businesses. The Conway Center serves more than 200 family business members that collectively employ more than 25,000 individuals.

What programs does the Conway Center offer?

  • Ten educational programs (January-June and September-December) that focus on topics of special interest to family businesses. Each program takes place on the first Thursday of the month, from 7:30-9:00 a.m. at Ohio Dominican University, in the Community Room in Alumni Hall.
  • Numerous networking events that include, but are not limited to, Family Business Night at the Columbus Clippers; Annual Golf Outing, and the Bi-Annual Family Business Tours.
  • Twelve peer groups and family business forums Please see our Peer Group Page for more information about each group and times and locations for upcoming meetings.

Who can attend programs?
Up to four members of Conway Center member businesses - family or non-family -  may participate in programs, events, and peer groups. The public is welcome to attend educational programs and forums at a fee of $35 per person, per program.

How will my business benefit from joining the Center?
Please see Family Business Membership for a comprehensive list of benefits. Click here to learn what other family business leaders value most about their Conway Center membership.

How can I join the Center?
Both family-owned businesses and companies which provide services to family businesses may join the Center. To sign up for a family business membership click here. To inquire about service provider membership, contact the Director at Info@FamilyBusinessCenter.com.

Where is the Conway Center office located?
The Conway Center for Family Business office is on the campus of Ohio Dominican University in the Guzman House: 1388 Sunbury Road, Columbus, Ohio 43219. Visits allowed by appointment only.

Where are Conway Center meetings held?
Educational programs are held at Ohio Dominican University, 1215 Sunbury Road, Columbus, Ohio 43219, in the Community Room in Alumni Hall. Free, permit parking is available in the University's main parking lot, located behind the building.

Peer groups are held at various locations, but most on campus. Please check our Peer Group Calendar for each peer group meeting's date, time, and location.

What exactly IS a peer group?
Peer groups are small gatherings of 6-12 participants that meet regularly to discuss matters of business and personal interest. Peer groups provide a confidential environment for idea exchange, family business education, and personal growth. They present an opportunity to learn by seeking advice from peers and professionals who have "been there, done that" and who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. Each peer group has a shared purpose and agreed upon expectations. In addition, participants commit to respecting the confidentiality of group members.

How do I join a peer group?
Peer groups are open to Conway Center members and their employees. With the exception of the C-Level and Next Generation Leaders Peer Groups, members just need to RSVP and show up! Peer group descriptions, dates, times, and locations are listed here. RSVP through the website or send an email: ADotts@FamilyBusinessCenter.com

Are only family members allowed to attend peer groups?
No! Anyone from a member business is welcome to attend (with the exception of C-Level and Next Generation Peer Groups).

Are there any extra fees to participate in peer groups?
Only the C-Level Peer Groups require additional fees from members.

How can I get more information about peer groups?
Contact Amy Dotts, COO, at ADotts@FamilyBusinessCenter.com or 614-253-4820.

What is the relationship between the Conway Center and Ohio Dominican University? Since 2000, the two organizations have worked together to help family businesses succeed. ODU provides meeting space and rents office space to the Center. The Center teaches an undergrad course every few years and collaborates with the Career Center and Business School on various projects.

Where can I find out more about family businesses?
There are a number of outstanding resources for information about family businesses, their economic impact, and the unique aspects of building, running and transitioning a family business to the next generation. Check our site for key factsfamily business resources and case studies.

How can I donate to the Conway Center?
You can donate online via PayPal, through the Columbus Foundation or by sending a check via mail: Conway Center for Family Business, PO Box 361106, Columbus, OH 43236. Your donations will help the Conway Center continue to provide outstanding programs and support to family-owned businesses in Central Ohio.

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