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Rising CEO

A monthly peer group for family business leaders

This peer group is for next gens who are imminently next in line or who have recently taken over running the family business. Non-competing family business leaders come together monthly in a confidential environment to discuss business, personal or family business related issues. Participants can seek input and advice when discussing executive level business issues and the challenges and opportunities of being a next gen.

If you are interested in more information about this peer group, please contact Jill Hofmans, Executive Director at jhofmans@familybusinesscenter.com or 513/504-3167.

Facilitator: Jill Hofmans, Executive Director
Frequency: Monthly
Fee: $900/year
Pre-approval to join? Yes
Service Providers eligible? No

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I still have questions. How can I get more information about Peer Groups and Roundtables?

Contact Amy Dotts, COO and Event Manager at adotts@familybusinesscenter.com or 614-847-0160

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