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3 Reasons Why You Should Participate at Tradeshows

3 Reasons Why You Should Participate at Tradeshows
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There is no better boost for your business than a trip to an industry tradeshow, the ultimate networking playground! Whether you are an attendee or participant, the tradeshow floor can do a great many things for you and your company.

These events are created specifically for introducing your business to potential clients or seeking out that perfect partner to enhance your company and its services. Here are just a few more reasons why you should attend or participate at tradeshows:

81% of trade show attendees have buying authority, which makes the time and effort to set-up shop at the next industry trade show well worth it. *

99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows they did not get from other marketing mediums. Allowing your prospective clients quality, one-on-one time with your company is priceless.*

67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. The odds are in your business’s favor for gaining new clients as an exhibitor at industry tradeshows. *

Tradeshow events allow you to strategically focus on what tools and resources are new, trending and available to increase sales, and provide precious moments to network and build relationships with fellow businesses.
* CEIR Report

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