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Biz Recycling – August 2014


op 3 Excuses for NOT Recycling
Submitted by: Rumpke Waste & Recycling – Conway Center member since 2011

Every business has one thing in common – they all generate trash. As recycling becomes more common among businesses, many companies run into roadblocks when starting a recycling program. Here are ways to tackle three of the most common excuses to not recycle.

Excuse No. 1: We don’t have space for another dumpster
Translation: “We can’t give up another parking space for a recycling dumpster.” -OR- “Our corral isn’t big enough.” (NOTE: A corral is the fenced-in, paved area for trash and recycling containers.)

Consider This: Limited space doesn’t have to get in the way of recycling. Often, it simply takes a little reorganizing to maximize your available space, similar to when you reorganize your office or desk junk drawer. Ask your trash service provider for tips to effectively layout your trash and recycling containers. Also, re-examine the container sizes and styles available for trash and recycling.

Excuse No. 2: It’s going to be TOO much work
Translation: “It’s not going to be easy. If our employees have to spend extra time, they won’t recycle.

Consider This: We agree. Successful recycling programs should be easy and convenient. One of the most important steps is to engage and educate employees early in the process. Their support will be required to ensure success.
Ask yourself the following when planning your program:

  • Where will trash and recycling containers be located?
  • What types of indoor (inter-office) containers will be used?
  • Who will empty the containers? Will additional supplies be necessary to transport trash and recycling to the proper outdoor container?

To increase participation, we recommend placing a recycling container beside every trash can. This makes the decision to recycle very easy. It’s important to gain buy-in from the custodial staff before starting. Discuss how recycling may change their routine, but it won’t take any longer. When staff understand how important they are to the program, they’re likely to be onboard.

Excuse No. 3: It’s going to cost TOO much
Translation: “We need to make cutbacks, not add expenses. We just can’t afford to do it.

Consider This: Strive to be “net-neutral” in terms of cost. Often, an increase in recycling means a reduction in trash. Expenses may be offset when businesses decrease their service frequency or container size.

Waste audits are available to help determine the best options for managing your waste stream. This service helps identify what can be recycled, reduced or reused, and what’s leftover as trash.

No More Excuses

There will always be excuses to NOT start recycling, but there’s usually an easy solution. Small and large businesses can make a difference by starting a recycling program. Click here to start recycling more and trashing less.


About the author: Jonathan Kissell is a communications manager for Rumpke Waste & Recycling, a family owned and operated business with more than 400 employees throughout Central Ohio.

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