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Meaningful Conversation in the Family Business

Here’s a preview of what’s to come at our November 19th Educational Program. Dr. Thaddeus O’Brien, an organizational consultant and member of the Conway Center for Family Business Advisory Board, will explore communication challenges and enlist our audience to participate in sharing best practices.

He writes,

Today we have at our disposal more vehicles for communicating rapidly and easily with others than we have ever had in the history of mankind. We also are able to hold in one hand access to more information and knowledge than any of our brilliant, research-diligent ancestors were able to gather through years of intellectual toiling.  Despite possession of these conveniences and points of access, it appears to have become more difficult to have meaningful conversations, to listen to what others are saying with an open mind and heart, and to consider points of view that differ from those we already firmly espouse.


This is a major issue because no matter what we do, business – small or large, simplex or complex – is fundamentally an extended conversation with family members, colleagues and customers about how to make sense – and make alliances – with people around us.  What gets talked about and how it gets talked about in business determines what ultimately happens to a business’ vitality.  The success or failure of business ventures rises and falls on the strength of our communications.


We all know that simply having conversations isn’t enough.  It is the quality of the conversation that matters.  Conversations provide clarity or confusion.  They invite cross-boundary collaboration or add barbed-wire obstacles to the walls between well-defended fiefdoms.


At our November Conway Center meeting we will invite members and guests to share their ideas and experiences about the ways they’ve found to have meaningful conversation with other family members and to build trust and confidence with non-family employees, partners and customers.

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