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Columbus-Franklin County Small Business Recovery Fund

Opportunity for our small- sized family-owned businesses:

The Columbus-Franklin County Small Business Recovery Fund will offer $8 million dollars in grants to small businesses specifically impacted by COVID-19. These grants are intended to help those in underserved communities, minority-owned businesses, disadvantaged businesses, and veteran-owned businesses. The program’s purpose is to protect our small business economy and also ensure entrepreneurship can flourish and grow in our region.

This program seeks to provide relief to small businesses to help them:

  • Maintain operations as well as employees.
  • Maintain safe operating procedures.
  • Mitigate financial hardship due to loss of sales.
  • Seek out and also take advantage of business growth opportunities.
  • Provide funding to small businesses in order to hire and train new employees.
  • Provide funding in order to re-hire previously lost positions.

Sole-proprietors and Single-member LLCs are eligible for $5,000

LLCs with at least 1 W2 employee are eligible for $10,000

Business owners who qualify for the $10,000 Grant and can show employee loss due to the pandemic, may also qualify for the +Plus $10,000 Grant. This Job Restoration Grant will offer an additional $10,000 for re-hiring 1 full-time W2 employee.

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