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COVID-19 DOL Update


More timely and important updates from Center member Sharon DeLay of GO-HR:

With the signing of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, the Labor Department has created an additional labor poster that employers must display for their employees to see for the duration of 2020. This will be an addition to any poster or posters you already display in your place of business. Like all federal and state posters, this must be displayed in a conspicuous area and be hung for the duration of 2020. If your company has remote workers and you display the applicable federal and state posters in a shared, easily accessible and visible location, please add this poster to that location. You can find the poster here.


If you are not considered an essential business, and therefore working from home during this stay at home order, you may hang this additional poster when you return to your office.


The Department of Labor has created an additional FAQ site for employers to help answer any remaining questions you might have regarding this new posting; you can find it here:


And finally, it appears that FFCRA is going into effect APRIL 1. Here are two resources for you:


Remember, these leaves don’t apply across the board to everyone just because they ask for it. There are qualifying reasons to grant it.




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