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Family & Teamwork

By Steve Harmon, Managing Director of Spartan Logistics

Can there be a connection in the workplace?

At Spartan, the answer is YES!

Being a family owned company, we tend to do things a little bit differently. We’ve thrown the rulebook out the window by creating a company that not only values our team members but also each and every one of their families as if they were our own. This allows us to stretch our teamwork well beyond our warehouse doors.

With heartbreaking news hitting one of our director’s families unexpectedly, all Spartan locations, nationwide, banded together to help make a difference. An aggressive goal was set and the result exceeded our expectations. An overwhelming response came from each level of our team, warehouse pickers to directors, all wanting to contribute. With additional help from vendors and customers, we were able to triple our goal.

When faced with adversity, our Spartan team rallied together. We are proud to have a group of people united by certain convictions, and we consider each one of them FAMILY!

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