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Halloween Chemistry

The Halloween industry represents over $8 billion in retail sales, according to CNN. Greater than 70% of adults are expected to participate in this fabulously imaginative holiday. Haunted houses will pop up in old buildings and farms will be transformed to ghoulish fields. Horror films will flood the theatres and might be your personal choice one of these autumn nights. Nearly everyone can participate in this playful holiday but some might enjoy the rush more than others.

Dopamine, the selfish chemical, is tied to fear. The fun of Halloween is that you can experience the thrill of fear without any real threat. The rush that comes when you experience a fight-or flight moment can be really addictive. Dopamine is tied to the need to take care of ourselves. It contributes to a teenagers phone addiction, a gamblers rush or a salesman’s drive to hit goal. Ever felt a sense of accomplishment when making it to the end of a haunted house or scary movie? A great teammate will get the same rush when they hit goal.Thank you, Dopamine!

How about a team’s best friend? Serotonin. Who would ever enter a haunted house without clearly knowing who will be running point at the front of the line?! We need leaders and serotonin is our leadership chemical. When danger threatens the team, it’s important that the alpha goes towards the danger. We need risk takers to act with courage and show us the way.

Finally, when the night is over, we turn to our friends. Spending time with friends makes us feel safe.  Safety belongs to Oxytocin. It bonds us together and there a multiple ways to get it. Human touch is one. So whether a hug of achievement at the end of the ghoulish field or a proper handshake. We need to experience life with people which includes fantastic holidays and business deals. To quote Simon Sinek,”We do handshake deals without contracts, but not the other way around.”

We’re in the people business together and there’s no one I’d rather experience it with than you.


Jennifer Griffith is  Regional President of First Merchants Bank – a Conway Center Service Provider member.

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