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Want to Improve Your Hiring Success?


Bob Spence Director of Human Resources
Mid-City Electric
Want To Improve Your Hiring Success?
I have spent over 35 years working in human resources as an administrator, a consultant and as an HR Manager in a family-owned and operated business. As a consultant, more than 75% of my clients were family-owned and operated businesses. During this time I have noted that while people talk about the importance of hiring, too often it is done in a hurry without proper planning. (Their words and behavior do not match!)
Now, I know it takes time to prepare for a new hiring process, but consider how much time you spend with a mis-hire! And, I know it is expensive to involve your staff members in a meeting to prepare for the hiring process. However, take a minute and calculate the cost of a mis-hire compared to preparation time. And remember, to succeed in hiring you must have a specific hiring process that is part of company policy.
Prior to posting/announcing a key opening, take time to involve the key stakeholders in your company – those who have a direct impact with the new hire. Conduct a brainstorming session to determine the behaviors, characteristics, traits and values needed in this new person. You want to make sure you are hiring someone who is a fit and match with your culture and your core values.
Next, determine the duties/responsibilities including clear performance metrics. It is typically not difficult to identify duties/responsibilities, but the metrics take time. However, how can you ever hire someone if you have not specified what good performance looks like in your company?
Then, determine your educational, technical/skills, and experience requirements. Be careful as to specific skill requirements. For example, if you need them to be proficient with accounting software, do not require your software. If they have used accounting software, they can quickly learn your software. (Remember, the more requirements you have, the more you have to pay the person.) Once you have this information you are ready to announce and post the position.

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