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EOS® and Family Business

Family businesses are finding Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS, an incredibly useful approach that is flexible enough to evolve with their changing circumstances. If your family business is currently running EOS and you are an EOS Integrator or the equivalent on the leadership team, join our EOS Integrator Peer Group. Held quarterly, these facilitated sessions […]
Succession Planning 101 blog

Family Business Succession Planning 101

At Conway Center for Family Business, we always tell our members that it’s never too early to think about family business succession planning. Too late, for sure. But too early, never! With that in mind, where are you in your family business succession planning journey? These guidelines might help you to start thinking about how […]

The first 10 years

THE FIRST 10 YEARS As we said in “The Beginning,” for the first few years, there was no paid staff at the Family Business Center of Central Ohio.  Bea Wolper and Dick Emens planned the educational programs, started the Women in Family Business Peer Group, and invited family business leaders and business experts to speak […]

Celebrating 25 Years!

The Conway Center for Family Business is celebrating 25 years in 2023! Please enjoy this first-in-a-series of blog posts chronicling the history and mission of the Conway over the years. Today we start with…THE BEGINNING: The Conway Center for Family Business (originally know Family Business Center of Central Ohio or FBC) exists because of a […]
Equity, LLC received the 2022 Family Business of the Year Award

Congratulations to our Award Winners

Equity, LLC received the 2022 Family Business of the Year Award
2022 family business forecast header image

2022 Family Business Forecast

Is family business booming? central ohio leaders are satisfied with their mid-year performance  The 11th Annual Family Business Forecast survey, conducted by the Conway Center for Family Business, revealed that 9 out of 10 Central Ohio family business leaders are satisfied with the current state of their family business at the midway point of 2022. […]
Recognition Awards

Meet the 2022 Family Business Award Honorees!

Join us on November 16 to celebrate the 2022 Family Business Award Honorees!
Cover photo for top 10 family business trends of 2022

Top 10 Family Business Trends of 2022

We hear from our members everyday about new and unique challenges in an always-evolving business environment. That’s why we’ve collected the top 10 family business trends we think your family business should consider in 2022. 1. Digital Innovation is more important than ever 60% of family firms feel behind the curve when it comes to […]

To Pay (Overtime) or not to Pay (Overtime) – That is the Question! – from Conway Center member Sharon DeLay of GO-HR

Should you pay overtime or not pay overtime? That really IS the question for so many businesses. Quite frankly, the news last week out of Ohio (and that state up north) has not made this fundamentally easier to answer for any of us. If you’re not in Ohio or that other state, you should still pay attention!

Columbus-Franklin County Small Business Recovery Fund

Opportunity for our small- sized family-owned businesses: The Columbus-Franklin County Small Business Recovery Fund will offer $8 million dollars in grants to small businesses specifically impacted by COVID-19. These grants are intended to help those in underserved communities, minority-owned businesses, disadvantaged businesses, and veteran-owned businesses. The program’s purpose is to protect our small business economy and also […]
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